Sociopaths Flocking to Republican Congressional Strongholds

Large numbers of suspected and known sociopaths are moving to historically republican neighborhoods in republican districts, then claiming to be democratic voters.

Karen Summers is a 54-year-old Republican and Trump supporter whose 19-year-old daughter, Stephanie, has been missing since Friday. We asked her about some of her new neighbors in front of the home of Jeff Connors, who claims he is a proud Democrat. “What about Benghazi!” she screamed toward Connors’ front door, when asked about the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance.

Connors, a suspected serial killer known to torture puppies, has a large “Hillary” sign in his front yard. Asked if he was Clinton supporter, he responded, “Who?” His attention was directed to the 8×15 ft sign in his yard and he responded, “Oh, god no, that’s for the neighbors.”

Asked if he knew anything about the Summers’ family or Stephanie’s disappearance, Connors appeared nervous. He explained that the morning after Stephanie disappeared, her father, David, woke Connors by pounding on his door and shouting. However, his concerns were alleviated when he opened the door and Mr. Summers screamed, “Defund Planned Parenthood! They kill babies!” and stormed away.